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Food Sensitivites

Airborne & Food Allergies

Variety of Other Metabolic Testing Available

Health through Lifestyle!

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      Doctor of  Chiropractic

 Comprehensive Bio-Screen 

               Provides analysis of: 

-Blood sugar                      -Thyroid

-Cardiovascular               -Lipids

-Infection                             -Anemia

-Electrolytes                      -Urinalysis

-Liver & Biliary        

Metabolic Testing

Jason Stoddard

Chiropractic is a central component of any health and well being plan.  At GENESIS, our focus is on disease prevention and health promotion through structural modification, hydration, proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

-Improve muscular balance 

  & function.

-Improve range of motion & 


-Reduce rigidity & improve


Therapeutic Exercise

-Correct vertebral  


-Restore nervous system


-Wellness promotion & 

  Health assessment.